I am a passionate developer based around London, currently studying in Secondary School. I am familiar with HTML, CSS, JS (incl. Bootstrap), and strong in C# with the Unity game Engine, and Python.

I also teach the Unity game engine in a club at the school I am in.

I am currently learning Full Stack (AJAX and React specifically) and building my first few apps to release on the web, which you can see on the apps page

I also enjoy linguistics, and am learning Japanese myself

I play the Organ, Jazz Piano, and sang for Her Majesty's Chapel Royal choir in Hampton Court, London

I also love playing Valorant in my spare time and enjoy posting clips on my channel - link here

I love working as a team on projects. If you have any (and I mean any) suggestions, please get in touch! I usually respond within a few days.

Email me - click here, or [email protected]

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